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“Still water lay upon my mind, even with the weight of pleasure and the sky.

Never before so beautiful, sank down into my heart, and held me’



Nina Ross is a singer based on the Isle of Wight. After an early start in classical singing she moved into design careers in Theatre and Film. She is also an artist, lover of nature and the written word. Widely travelled and living abroad through work and for pleasure she is a keen observer of other cultures.

The common interest running through Nina’s art and music is her fascination with the different ways in which we express and portray emotion. The subtle mix underlying complex feelings such as love, loss, hope, sorrow and joy and how we connect with one another through them.


Upcoming Gigs


Ventnor Arts Club

8pm Friday 24th March 2023


Brading Roman Villa

7.30 pm Saturday 22nd April 2023


Wild Is The Wind
00:00 / 03:56

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