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Nina is a Jazz vocalist based on the Isle of Wight. After an early start classical singing in Oxford she moved into design careers in Theatre and Film. She's an artist, lover of nature and the written word. Widely travelled and living abroad through work and for pleasure she is always keen to experience live cultural events.


The common interest running through Nina’s art and music is her fascination with the different ways in which we express and portray emotion and engage with the world. Her music explores the subtle mix of feelings underlying complex experiences of love, loss, hope, sorrow and joy and how we connect with one another through them. The ways in which we bond through shared emotional experiences promotes mutual understanding and staves off loneliness. It gives us hope, growth and belonging.


Nina takes inspiration from a variety of music genres enjoying alternative, art pop, electronica, jazz, folk and classical. Her influences include: Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Shirley Horn and a number of contemporary singers such as Norma Winstone, Brigitte Beraha, Elina Duni, Beth Gibbons and Sophie Hunger. Along with ethereal/dream pop and trip hop such as Cocteau Twins and Massive Attack.


For Nina music has always served as a connection to self and to others, and a sense of freedom and release. These elements inform her repertoire. With storytelling at the forefront Nina sings with a purity of sound and a touch of folk. She looks to thread between the shifting lines of light and dark, hope and melancholy, joy and sorrow.


Enjoy a pared down relaxed approach as Nina delivers  known and less well known Jazz standards with songs  such as Round Midnight, Skylark, A Timeless Place, I’m a Fool to Want You and Wild is the Wind, alongside  Jazz Instrumentals she has given original lyrics too and a jazz approach to contemporary songs by Portishead, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell and Plastic Mermaids.


Collaborating with Nina on the tracks ‘Les Etoiles’ and ‘Wild is the Wind’ is the Pianist Matt Robinson (Snowpoet). 


Nina’s band comprises of Jon Thorne – Bass, Chris Jones – Drums and Tom Barker – Keys.

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